Why choose On-Site HazMat Training?

When choosing HazMat Spill Response Training for you or your team, you want to make sure you’re not only meeting requirements, but also setting your team up for success should a spill happen at your facility. The most comprehensive, effective HazMat Training is done in-person. With On-Site HazMat Training, your team is getting more than just book knowledge. They are physically going through the actions so they know exactly what to do should a hazardous material incident occur at your facility.

Benefits of Hands-On HazMat Spill Response Training

Hands-On Instructional Methods

Participants don’t just read about the process or learn it from a computer – they actually DO it. They try on cartridge respirators, SCBA’s and chemical suits and use air monitors. Instructors show the proper techniques and are available to answer questions and make corrections in real time.

Customized, Site-Specific Training

With on-site HazMat Training, training is customized to your Emergency Response Plan, specific to the chemicals on your site. Participants walk through likely spill scenarios on the site. Expert instructors will also inspect your equipment and make recommendations for your site.

Convenience and Cost Savings

Bringing the training on-site is not only convenient, it also saves you money. You’ll save on travel expenses and time by not having to send participants off-site. HazMat Solutions has fully equipped HazMat trailers with chemical training suits, air monitors, and self-contained breathing apparatuses.
HazMat Training

Meets Requirements and Prepares your Team

OSHA requires “hands on training” for many sections of 29 CFR 1910.120, such as knowing how to don and doff chemical suits, gloves, boots and SBCA and how to use an air monitor in a hazardous atmosphere. For these requirements, online certification without hands-on training is not enough.
HazMat Training

Why Choose HazMat Solutions as your HazMat Training Partner

The HazMat Solutions instructors coming to your site have trained thousands of firefighters, EMS, police officers and private industry emergency response teams over the past 20 years. They have advanced degrees, certifications and unparalleled, personal experience in the subject matter. They’ve developed specialized training programs for the DEA, Pentagon Force Protection Team, National Guard Civil Support Teams, and hundreds of industrial facilities across America. You know you’re being trained from the best.
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