Handling Fentanyl & High Hazard Drug Labs I have had the privilege of helping the Drug Enforcement Administration develop and deliver 28 High Hazard Clandestine Drug Lab Training Classes which require the use of fully encapsulated Level A Suits. What is a high Hazard Clan Lab? It is an illegal drug lab which the final products or precursors can be fatal if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. There are many opinions for determining the type of personal protective equipment to be worn for tactical entry, sampling and processing of a potential high hazard drug lab. As a certified Hazardous Materials Specialist and Manager, these are only my professional opinions and do not represent official Drug Enforcement Administration Policy. Fentanyl and Carfentanyl are the drugs that are getting [...]

Identifying an Unknown Liquid

In the HazMat World, knowing the chemicals that you are dealing with can mean the difference between life and death. This may seem a little dramatic but it is very important to have some basic tools and knowledge to determine the hazards to First Responders. This video should help demonstrate some basic experiments, air monitors and free computer software that can be used to identify and reduce the cost of disposal. I will outline my basic testing methodology that I hope you will find useful in identifying a chemical spill or orphan drum. Step One: Don at least a Level B chemical suit with hood and chemical boots/gloves taped at the seams. Step Two: With a Combustible Gas Air Monitor, Ludlum [...]

2016 Emergency Response Guidebook Video, PowerPoint and Game

HazMat Solutions Inc. is pleased to present educational tools which can be used by a single person online or as a group to teach first responders how to use the Department of Transportation’s Emergency Response Guidebook during the initial phases of a hazardous materials incident. Here is the 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook Video, PowerPoint and Game. HazMat Professionals and First Responders can watch the video and powerpoint to learn how to use the different sections of the new guidebook. The quiz game is designed for personnel that transport hazardous materials for a living or first responders that may be responding to an accident involving the release of a hazardous materials from its container. Anyone that ships. receives or transports Dangerous Goods should select the [...]