Redesigned Website and Expanded Online Services Focus on Educating Clients and First Responders

HOLLAND, MI – HazMat Solutions, Inc., a nationally-recognized Hazardous Material and Confined Space Technical Rescue company, launched a redesigned website in honor of 20 years in business. The new website includes easy-to-find information to guide clients through the regulatory maze of HazMat, Environment and Confined Space Training. It also provides the foundation for online supplemental training for clients and first responders, expected to roll out in early 2020.

Of the expanded online services, Dean Blauser, co-founder and Vice President of HazMat Solutions, says “While I’m not a proponent of online-only training, once a year training is not sufficient. Therefore, we will provide our clients with quarterly drills, tabletops and emergency scenarios to ensure that each shift’s HazMat and Confined Space Rescue Teams can continuously practice and maintain their response capabilities.”

The redesigned website includes the following new features:

  • New FAQ section to help clients understand which types of training are needed
  • Revamped blog with helpful industry information and HazMat news
  • Emergency Response Guidebook training for current and upcoming editions

The expanded online services will include:

  • Client Access to free Hazard Communication, DOT HazMat, and Confined Space Awareness training for new employees
  • 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook training program for First Responders to earn continuing education units
  • Quarterly drills, tabletops and emergency scenarios

About HazMat Solutions, Inc: Headquartered in Holland, Michigan, HazMat Solutions is considered the top privately-owned Hazardous Material and Confined Space Technical Rescue company in the United States. Since 2000, they have trained thousands of firefighters, EMS, police and private industry Emergency Response Teams. Their programs have been used for DEA, Pentagon Force Protection Team, and National Guard Civil Support Teams. Learn more at