Chemical Emergencies require lightning quick responses to save lives, minimize property damage and prevent harm to the environment. For these crucial situations, you need a fully equipped HazMat team – and that means HazMat Technician Level-trained employees. Hazardous Material Technician Training focuses on:

  • Recognizing and evaluating a hazardous materials incident
  • Organizing the response team and protecting the lives of responders & employees
  • Identifying and using response resources, equipment and air monitoring
  • Implementing basic control and containment measures
  • Sharpening decision‐making skills to protect the public and the environment

Our HazMat Specialists train your staff in a range of essential topics, including:

  • Chemical and physical properties of hazardous materials
  • Identifying Hazardous Materials and their toxic properties
  • Using Direct‐reading instruments and Personnel Protective Equipment
  • Using Information sources as part of the company’s Standard Operating Procedures

Our industry‐leading interactive training techniques can’t be found anywhere else. By using computer simulation and comprehensive hands‐on instructional methods, we train your staff for all likely spill scenarios at your facilities. To supplement class lectures, our instructors introduce problem‐solving exercises and Hazmat Video Games to further engage trainees. Each team member dons Personal Protective Equipment and functions under the Incident Management System.

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