Hazardous Material Operations Training is ideal for employees who will be expected to take defensive measures to stop the spread of a chemical spill, or to assist in isolating an area until a cleanup contractor or offsite HazMat Team can arrive. Course content includes implementing the employer’s Emergency Response Plan, and using air-monitoring instruments to classify, identify, and verify hazardous materials used on site.

Students also learn the Incident Command System; use of personal protective equipment; decontamination; hazard/risk assessment; control/containment/confinement techniques; termination procedures; and basic chemical and toxicological terminology. HazMat Operations Training is ideal for those facilities that need to minimize the risk to employees and the environment, but cannot justify the expense of an onsite HazMat Team. The basic Operations level training class is 8 hours long, or up to 24 hours if SCBAs and decontamination procedures are necessary.

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