About Us

Nationwide HazMat Training

How We Got Started

During 1998 – 1999 a series of chemical explosion and transportation accidents resulted in the deaths and severe injuries to multiple industrial employees. After seeing Dean on the television at these locations, and on top of trains that were on fire, his wife, Sue, asked if there was something safer he could do for a living. He replied he could teach others how to not only prevent, but also to safely respond to chemical accidents. As CEO, Sue maintained the administration side of the business and almost 20 years later, they’ve grown into a nation-wide consulting company. While they still own and operate HazMat Solutions, the corporation is now one of the highest rated privately-owned Hazardous Materials Training and Confined Space Rescue Companies in the country.

Our Mission

Training from Experience not from the book

We had the option to be the first to provide online training but decided that onsite, custom training for industrial facilities is the only way to safely train our clients for all the hazards associated with chemicals in the workplace.

Why Choose HazMat Solutions, Inc?

Nationally Recognized

HazMat Solutions, Inc. has provided training Internationally as far as Trinadad and throughout the continental United States for thousands of first responders. All of our instructors have extensive emergency response and training experience. Many of our instructors have advanced degrees, certifications and unparalleled, personal experience in the subject matter. The Level A Training Program that HazMat Solutions Inc. helped to develop is consistently rated the best class offered by the DEA’s Clandestine Drug Laboratory Training Section.

Trained Thousands

Since 2000, HazMat Solutions’ staff have instructed thousands of firefighters, EMS, police and private industry emergency response teams. While we have developed specialized training programs for the DEA, Pentagon Force Protection Team, and National Guard Civil Support Teams, our primary mission is to minimize deaths and injuries at Industrial facilities by the accidental release of hazardous materials into the environment.

Experienced Teams

Our Confined Space Standby Technical Rescue Teams provide immediate removal, and initial medical treatment during chemical, refinery, or power plant maintenance shutdowns. Our Rescue Technicians have extensive experience, and are trained to operate in an IDLH atmosphere to rescue injured, or trapped workers. HazMat Solutions can provide Confined Space Rescue Teams for permanent assignment or for a one day entry into a chemical tank, tunnel, or sewer.

Custom Training Programs for your Facility

Dean Blauser MS, CHMM

Dean Blauser MS, CHMM

Vice President

Dean has over 28 years of actual chemical spill response experience, hazardous waste site cleanups and specialized industrial and government training programs. As the lead instructor for the DEA “High Hazard Clan Lab” program, HazMat Solutions personnel have provided over 60 classes for DEA Special Agents, Mexican Marines, Federal Police and the Mexican Army. Dean has developed over 200 custom training classes for Automotive, Food Processing and Chemical Industries throughout the United States.

Bearle Eastling Jr.

Bearle Eastling Jr.

HazMat Training Manager

Since 1985 Bearle has responded to chemical emergencies, supervised hazardous waste sites and managed multiple crews conducting industrial services for hundreds of industries throughout the Midwest. Bearle’s personal experience in hazardous waste hauling, Incident Commander for Hazmat response and Site Supervisor for HazWaste sites provides the type of experience that you can’t get from a computer or fire fighter.