HazMat Solutions Inc. is pleased to present educational tools which can be used by a single person online or as a group to teach first responders how to use the Department of Transportation’s Emergency Response Guidebook during the initial phases of a hazardous materials incident.

Here is the 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook Video, PowerPoint and Game. HazMat Professionals and First Responders can watch the video and PowerPoint to learn how to use the different sections of the new guidebook.

The quiz game is designed for personnel that transport hazardous materials for a living or first responders that may be responding to an accident involving the release of a hazardous material from its container. Anyone that ships, receives or transports Dangerous Goods should select the “Transportation section of the Quiz/Game and First responders can Select the appropriate section based on their job functions. The HazMat Specialist Section will require additional information from CAMEO, WISER or possibly from a Google Search.

I hope you find this information useful learning for new and experienced HazMat Personnel. Stay Safe!