On-site Hazardous Material Spill

Response and DOT Training

On-site HazMat Training

Our Nationally recognized Hazardous Material Specialists have helped train thousands of Industrial HazMat Team Members and Government Agencies. We tailor the training to your Team’s exact needs.

Confined Space Training

Expert hands-on training at your facility combines classroom instruction and practical application in actual Permit-Required Spaces. Learn to rescue trapped or injured employees from Confined Spaces.

DOT Picture

HazMat - Department of Transportation Training

This course provides DOT hazmat training to prepare and offer hazardous materials shipments for transportation by ground. Shipping and receiving personnel will be able to ensure full compliance with the 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).

Training Chemical, Auto & Food Processing Facility teams for over 20 Years

Nationally Recognized

  • Considered the top privately owned Hazardous Material and Confined Space Technical Rescue company in the United States
  • Our expert instructors have actual emergency response experience and unparalleled knowledge

Thousands Trained

  • Since 2000 we have trained thousands of firefighters, EMS, police and private industry Emergency Response Teams
  • Our programs have been used for DEA, Pentagon HazMat Team, and National Guard Civil Support Teams

When do you need a Confined Space Standby Rescue Team?

HazMat Solutions offers both Confined Space Standby Rescue Services and Confined Space Rescue Training for your employees. We can help you analyze your facilities, determine equipment requirements and costs associated with maintaining your own teams or decide when it makes sense to hire our team of highly-skilled professionals.

Confined Space Standby Rescue Team Services

  • Our Rescue Team service provides immediate removal and initial medical treatment during chemical, refinery or power plant maintenance shut downs
  • We offer permanent assignment teams or one-day services for entry into a chemical tank, tunnel or sewer
2024 ERG

2024 ERG Video and Game coming this Spring

We cover the newest updates and  provide an introduction on how to use the U.S. Department of Transportation Emergency Response Guideook (ERG).

Watch for the 2024 ERG Book coming summer of 2024.

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Providing comprehensive, expert HazMat Training for over 20 Years

“HazMat Solutions has been our go to training source for incident response for the last 20 years. They provide comprehensive Hazardous Material Spill Response training including response drills.

These guys are the experts in the field and perform training at the highest level.”

Russ H.
Training Specialist at Albemarle

“Having worked with HazMat Solutions over the last 19 years, and with several different employers, even in Ohio and Indiana, I still call upon them for well-composed, consistent compliance training. I really love that they take the time to understand our business so it’s relevant, and the hands-on portions, for our employees, make it memorable. I’ve always been satisfied.”

Colleen Bowden
Environmental, Health and Safety Manager and OSHS Outreach Trainer
“Dean and his team have provided my HAZMAT team with the most thorough, hands-on and informative training for over 15+ years. They have catered the training to meet our specific processes and potential hazmat scenarios.” “I look forward to many more years of hazmat training and support from Dean.”

Milo Fortier, HPC Operations Manager
Haviland USA
“What makes Hazmat Solutions different from other training providers is their ability to bring tremendous knowledge, demonstrated skills through real life experiences, and the latest technologies to their training classes making it highly engaging, fun, and entertaining.  I have seen the impact this has had on motivating our team members, dramatically improving their skills retention, and establishing a tremendous amount of overall team confidence.  I credit Hazmat Solutions for transforming basic industrial emergency response team members into high-performance teams.  The best part of my job as an Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager has been getting to witness, and be part, of those transformations. ”

Scott A. Veselicky, MS, CSP
Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry