About HazMat Solutions, Inc.

Nationally Recognized

HazMat Solutions, Inc. is considered to be one of the top privately owned Hazardous Material and Confined Space Technical Rescue companies in the country. All of our instructors have extensive emergency response and training experience. Many of our instructors have advanced degrees, certifications and unparalleled, personal experience in the subject matter. Our Level A Training Program is the highest rated for all the classes for the DEA’s Clandestine Laboratory Training.

Trained Thousands

Since 2000, HazMat Solutions’ staff have instructed thousands of firefighters, EMS, police and private industry emergency response teams. While we have developed specialized training programs for the DEA, Pentagon HazMat Team, and National Guard Civil Support Teams our primary mission is to minimize deaths and injuries at Industrial facilities by the accidental release of hazardous materials into the environment.

Experienced Teams

Our Confined Space Standby Technical Rescue Teams provide immediate removal, and initial medical treatment during chemical, refinery, or power plant maintenance shutdowns. Our Rescue Technicians have extensive experience, and are trained to operate in an IDLH atmosphere to rescue injured, or trapped workers. HazMat Solutions can provide Confined Space Rescue Teams for permanent assignment or for a one day entry into a chemical tank, tunnel, or sewer.

Custom Training

HazMat Solutions Inc. specializes in onsite customized training for HazMat Spill Response, DOT HazMat Training, HazMat Training for Healthcare Workers, and Confined Space Entry into Permit Required Confined Spaces. Our teams come to your location with fully-equipped trailers or simulators to provide a truly unique training experience. If you are unsure of your training needs, click for our training flowchart, or click now to receive a quotation.

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