Hazardous Material Operations Level Training for Chemical Spills inside the Hospital

HazMat Solutions is pleased to announce the most dynamic onsite Hospital Emergency Management and OSHA-Required Hospital Training for managing chemical spills inside a healthcare facility. This 8-hour onsite training program has been developed by a National Leader in Industrial Chemical Spill Response. The class includes the Hospital First Receiver Training for Contaminated patients for triage and decontamination of contaminated patients, OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HAZCOM) revisions, and Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS). The cost of the 8-hour class begins at $2,500. OSHA requires updated HAZCOM training by December 1, 2013.

Hospital Decontamination of Contaminated Patients including a JCAHO Emergency Preparedness Drill

All programs challenge Responders with worst-case scenarios for your community by providing hands-on training in Personal Protective Equipment and Mass Decontamination as directed by the Hospital Incident Command System. Participants in the Hospital Emergency Preparedness and Hospital Training will apply the skills they learn to recognize hazards, incorporate safe work practices and prevent patient cross-contamination if faced with HazMat incidents, WMD events or natural disasters.

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