Confined Space Standby Rescue Teams

Confined Space Standby Rescue Teams 2016-11-18T13:17:31+00:00

Confined Space Rescue Services

Technical Rescue Teams provide a cost savings alternative to maintaining equipment and personnel for an onsite team. Our Rescue Teams provide emergency retrieval systems, supplied air units, personal protective equipment and medical trauma kits for potential rescue in IDLH atmospheres. Rescue personnel monitor all activities inside and outside the space to ensure a safe confined-space entry.

Technical Rescue Teams

Our teams have extensive experience working in boilers, sewers, tunnels, chemical tanks and process vessels. Many facilities use our exceptional crews as Safety Officers, Fire Watches or EMTs during plant shutdowns. Most of our team members are HazMat Technicians with many years of on-the-job experience. Call today to speak with a Technical Rescue Specialist about your tank cleaning or maintenance project!

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